What do I need to know?

You can always send us your questions by mail at: contact@ponyonwheels.com and we will do our best to answer you promptly.

For more information about the rental process, we advise you to check the terms and conditions page and to read thoroughly. 

1 – How can I order from Pony on Wheels?

After choosing your products and dates and checking your basket, you log in your account or create a new account if you are a new user. You then proceed to the online payment page, on which you will be able to pay with your credit card or via your PayPal account. An extra commission will be applied to the overall price. Then, you wait for our confirmation email and if you opted for our delivery system, you just wait for a Pony on Wheels to deliver your products!

2 - What if I need to add another product, after the beginning of the rental period?

It is the same process as renting for the first time; you just create a new basket and add the new items you wish to have.

3 – What if, after I ordered and got my confirmation mail, I wanted to add another product?

In this case, if the rental period has not started yet and the same dates and delivery method and address apply to both your orders , then you will only be charged for one delivery and be able to receive all of your items on the same day.

4 – Are the products cleaned?

Yes! We know that we are working with children and that hygiene is very important. The parents are however responsible of the day to day cleaning and maintaining of the products when they have them. When we receive them, they are cleaned and inspected and ready to go almost brand new to the next family!

5 – Are your products safe?

The brands we use follow European norms and are brands specialized for babies and children, therefore they are children safe. We, however, are not responsible of the accidents that may occur during the rental period.

6 – What happens if I lose or break something?

The client is responsible in restituting the product in the same state that he received it. We will check the product together at the time of the restitution and if we need to replace the whole product or simply repair it, the client will sign an agreement form and will be responsible of paying the damages.

7 – If I have an emergency, how do I reach you?

We are always available for our clients. In case of emergencies, you can always reach us by phone or send us an email and we will do our best to help you.

8 – What happens if I need to extend my rental period?

It all depends on the availability of the products. You will need to send us an email with the details of the query, and if the products are available, we will ask you to do another order online with the new dates with this time half the delivery charges.

9 – What happens if I need to shorten my rental period? Do I get a refund?

After you pass your order, you have 14 days to retract. After that period, charges will apply (you can always check the terms and conditions for more info about those charges). On the other hand, if your rental period had already started and you need to shorten it and restitute your product earlier, then you need to send us an email to confirm the new restitution date & time. However, you will not get refunded for the unused days.

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