The good news of the week!

E.U. Set to Let Vaccinated U.S. Tourists Visit This Summer

The European Union declared on Sunday the 25th of April 2021, that it will open its borders to all American tourists as long as they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

We, at Pony On Wheels, will be happy to welcome you and your family on the beautiful French Riviera. 

We have missed you a lot during this pandemic and we can’t wait to see you back here and help make your travel and your stay in Nice easier and more enjoyable for you and your children!

We have taken the time to adapt the way we work with COVID-19 constraints and will deliver a safe, sanitized and contactless (if needed) service to make your stay in France the safest possible.

If you are travelling with babies, toddlers and/or children, we are here for you.

Rent our strollers, bathtubs, cribs, toys, beach games in addition to a few fun grown-up games as well (because who doesn’t love a nice Kubb or bowling game ?!)

We will get them delivered, installed if needed and then picked up from your hotel or your rented apartment.

All you have to do is book your airplane tickets, pack your bags and enjoy your long needed holiday!

See you soon!

From Sunny Nice with Love,

Big Baietas,