Table place card for the end of year celebrations


  • A tongue depressor
  • Gold paint
  • White paint
  • A pine cone
  • White streamers
  • Copper wire for sculpture
  • A brush
  • Hot glue or strong glue
  • Thick white paper
  • Silver glitter


  1. Paint the tongue depressor gold. For this, an acrylic paint will do perfectly.
  2. Now use white paint to "snow" our pine cone. It could not be easier ! A little white paint on the ends and you're done!
  3. Cut a piece of copper wire about 12cm long and then use a pencil to wind the end of your copper wire in at least two turns.
  4. Cut a piece of thick white paper then drop a little glue at the top before covering this glue with the glitter. Finish by entering the name of the first guest.
  5. Use your hot glue gun or strong glue to glue the pine cone to the left of your tongue depressor. On the other side, glue the white party favors to create the pile of snowballs, taking care to place the hole in the streamer in a way that is not visible except for the one in which you will thread the end of your wire label holder of copper.
  6. And There you go ! Your first New Year's card is finished. All you have to do is repeat the steps from the start, as many times as you have guests for this New Year's Eve.

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