The Santa Claus puppet


  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • A sheet of red paper
  • A sheet of yellow paper
  • A sheet of black paper
  • A sheet of white paper
  • Pink paint
  • A small white cotillion
  • White corrugated cardboard
  • A wooden skewer
  • 2 large mobile eyes of 5mm
  • Glue and scissors

Step 1

  • Cut a roll of toilet paper in half and paint it pink, it will be our Santa Claus head.
  • With a rectangle of red paper, form a cone a little larger than the diameter of the roll. It will form the cap and will be glued to the head.

Step 2

  • Look closely at the photo to see the shapes you need to cut out.
  • Start with the beard, cut out the shape from the white sheet of paper and glue it on the head.
  • Then cut out the mustaches, still in the white paper, and glue them on the beard.
  • Then glue the 2 eyes above his beautiful mustache.
  • Glue her hat with the white cotillion just above.
  • And finally, cut out a small strip of white corrugated cardboard and glue it to the edge of the hat.
  • The head of our Santa Claus is finished for the moment.

Step 3

  • Cut out the shapes you see in the photo.
  • There are 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 gloves to cut from the red paper.
  • And 2 edges for the gloves and 2 for the feet in the white sheet.

Step 4

  • Wrap the last roll of toilet paper with the red sheet and glue it.
  • Add a small strip of black paper to make his belt and glue a small yellow square on it to represent the buckle of his belt.
  • Then glue the different parts of the arms and legs to his body.

Step 5

  • Finally, glue his head to the body to make it hold and glue the wooden spike to the head.
  • To move your puppet, hold it by the end of the wooden spike!

Source : Hugo l'escargot