In the summer heat, kids are more prone to dehydration than adults, since they will not have the initiative to drink nor can they stop moving and being active, therefore sweat.

What are the signs of a heat stroke?

Dry mouth, vomiting, headaches, warm reddish skin, confusion, rapid pulse, fever, drowsiness, sunken eyes, dilated pupils and discomfort. In case a kid is showing more than one of those symptoms, he should be immediately hydrated and put in the shade or in a cool place, if the symptoms persist you should call the emergencies services.

What can you do to keep the kids hydrated?

The best thing to do is to keep on proposing liquids and water as much as possible to keep them hydrated. Baths are very much appreciated and efficient to lower the body temperature and refresh the kids. You can as well refresh them with an atomizer.

When is it best to go out and how to be equipped?

Other than hydrating your kids, you have to choose the right timing when taking them out. As precaution, avoid taking them out at the most heated times (noon till 4pm). Avoid baby/infant carrier because the skin to skin contact will make them sweat more. Pick light coloured clothes in cotton or linen, apply sunscreen to all uncovered areas, put a cap or hat on (you can wet the cap so that it refreshes his/her head) and sunglasses. When taking them on a ride in the car, do not forget to take enough water and to put sun visors on the windows.

What food is the most refreshing and hydrating?

Food as well can play a big role in hydrating kids: yogurts, fresh fruits and veggies like strawberries, watermelon, melon, peach, zucchini, and cucumber.

How to keep the room temperature as low as possible?

When staying at home, to keep the room at low temperature, lower the blinds & open the windows at the less heated times. Some hang a wet cloth on the windows or wet the curtains in order to lower the temperature as well.

How to occupy your kids during a heat wave?

It's not easy to find activities for kids during the summer heat that will keep them refreshed and hydrated. I made it easier for you by selecting few websites who suggest various indoor and outdoor water games and activities: