Why rent a bottle sterilizer?

Is the sterilizer an indispensable product?

New parents always want the best for their little ones, so they start buying all the baby products on the market. Some are essential and will be used for a long time and others are a little less or have a shorter duration of use.

This is the case of the bottle sterilizer.

Today, it is said that the use of a sterilizer is not essential if one follows the good rules of hygiene and cleaning. Other currents still think that sterilization is rather recommended until the 4 months of baby since he is still quite sensitive to the bacteria around him.

So in the face of all the diverse information what can parents can? 

Being myself the mom of a 5 months old boy, I think the best thing is to always trust your instinct!

We can choose to clean our bottles with hot water and soap, we can decide to invest in a good sterilizer to have piece of mind, or we can take a small sterilizer for the days when baby is not feeling very good and has stomach pains.

But why not simply renting it?

We have found the solution for you. You rent the sterilizer for some time, you are sure that baby is fine and when baby starts to grow a little and you feel more serene as parents, you send it back and it avoids you the hassle of trying to find place to store it or someone to buy it back.

Renting the sterilizer has also an important role to play amongst families on holidays.

You will not bring along on your holidays your sterilizer! It is not one of the essentials and you almost never have space when packing. But traveling with babies who still drink milk bottles requires the respect of certain hygiene rules and once on location we sometimes find ourselves in a place where it is difficult to clean those bottles with the right products. This is why the rental of the sterilizer allows you to spend your holiday in peace while being sure that the problem of the hygiene of your bottles and pacifiers is no longer one!

My advice for parents is to always follow their instincts and do what is best for their well-being and that of their children but not to forget the financial aspect and the ecological impact that our decisions entail, and for this renting remains always a good step towards ecologically and financially responsible consumption!

From Sunny Nice with Love, 

Big Baietas ;)