• Delivery & Restitution:

The Pony on Wheels team delivers your products at the address of your choice, for an extra fee, every day of the week between 9:30 am and 7 pm.

You can always pick up personally your products for FREE from the SNCF Train Station of Nice-Ville, Avenue Thiers. 

The restitution of the products is made in the same way as of the delivery. 

For deliveries and restitutions outside working hours, kindly send us an email at: contact@ponyonwheels.com so we can find together the best way to accommodate you.

  • Products Validation:

At the moment of the delivery, the products will be inspected with the client to make sure they are compliant to the ones ordered and in a usable state.

When returned, the products will as well be inspected and the client will be held responsible of any loss, theft or damage that occurred during the rental period.

The client’s responsibility will be limited to the repair or replacement cost of the rented product.

  • Delivery & restitution prices:


I Pick up my order

Train Station SNCF Nice Ville – Avenue Thiers, NICE


I get delivered by the Pony on Wheels team

Postal Code : 06000

6 €

Postal Code : 06100

7 €

Postal Code : 06200

7 €

Postal Code : 06300

6 €


Nice Surroundings *

Villefranche-sur-mer (SNCF Train Station)

Postal Code  06230

9 €

Saint-Laurent-du-Var (SNCF Train Station)

Postal Code  06700

9 €

Beaulieu-sur-mer  (SNCF Train Station)

Postal Code  06310

10 €

* For the moment, the meeting point for the deliveries and restitutions outside of Nice will only be at the SNCF train stations.

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