From knowledge to object recognition

Our children are surrounded daily by objects, lights and sounds which very quickly form a decor that they know perfectly well, that of the house.

In the early years of life, your child's environment offers a vast field of perspective and discovery, both physically, sensory and emotionally.

Every day, your child's abilities evolve thanks to you: by offering him simple and concrete activities, he will discover and then recognize the objects of the house, before incorporating the name.

Activity: Recognizing the objects


  • A small hairbrush
  • A little spoon
  • A small fork
  • A cookie cutter in the shape of a tree, a circle, a star...
  • A bowl
  • A cork of champagne
  • A cardboard board
  • A black marker
  • A small basket

PS: this activity can be infinite: you can use fruits, vegetables, doll clothes, miniature animals etc.

Preparation of the activity:

  • Place the cardboard in front of you on a table and using the black felt-tip pen, trace the outline of each of the chosen objects leaving sufficient space between the drawings.
  • Put all of the items in a small basket.


  • On a small table or on the floor, place the cardboard board on which the shapes are drawn.
  • Place the basket with small items near the board.
  • Choose one object from the basket and place it on its correspondent shape on the board.
  • Once the object is placed on its silhouette, tell your child its name.
  • In turn, your child must draw an object from the basket and try to find the corresponding shape. But it is quite possible that he will give you this object so that you place it on the form yourself!
  • When your child's interest is exhausted, put items back in the basket and keep the materials on a shelf within easy reach. He can find it whenever he wants and will thus train in visual recognition of objects.

Purpose of the activity:

This activity will reveal the quality of your child's observation, as well as help develop their vocabulary.

Source of activity: J’éveille mon enfant avec Montessori – de 0 à 3 ans – Maud Grelet – Larousse
Photo source :  Montserrat Morató García